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Slow N Sear

Slow 'N Sear Grilling Tool Set

Slow 'N Sear Grilling Tool Set

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The Best Set of Grilling Tools!

This 7-piece set of professional quality grill tools is just what you need.  Have you ever burned your hand getting too close to that perfectly seared ribeye?  Has your grill brush met the end of its life... yet the handle was still perfectly weathered in? Did you stick your in-law's burger to the grill and need to scrape it off real quick before she notices?  Did you ever go out to the grill with an unopened beer (your mistake, but… we understand!)? Or did you ever need a fork that... well, wasn't long enough?  We have you covered on all fronts with this one, compact, professional grill tool package.

Here are the highlights for what you can expect:

  • Made from 430 stainless steel with TPR (thermoplastic rubber) grips
  • Long handles keep your hands safe and away from the heat
  • Loops at the end of the handles for hanging on a hook
  • “SnS Grills” printed logo on each handle reminds you of all the great meals to come!
  • Jealous neighbors... not included.
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