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Slow N Sear

Slow 'N Sear Charcoal Cherry Picker

Slow 'N Sear Charcoal Cherry Picker

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Where many straight spatulas and grill tools fail, the angled head of our charcoal tool is perfect for moving coals around in the Slow ‘N Sear® basket.  Whether stirring up coals for Warp 10 searing, or pushing remaining coals to the side to refuel during a long cook, this tool executes with ease.  Plus, you get the fine precision to confidently pick up small coals (aka cherries) or pieces of wood.

  • 430 stainless steel
  • Black TPR (thermoplastic rubber) grips similar to our Grilling Tools Set
  • Long handles keep your hands safe and away from the heat
  • Same charcoal tool you love and cherish, but with a better grip!
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